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Student finance: how Conversion Funnel Analysis gives an insight into how a service is performing

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Lindsay Brown, Lead Product Manager at the Student Loans Company, and Jim Williams, Product Analyst for GDS, explain how the Student Loans Company use Google Analytics to show them how users are interacting with the exemplar's online application forms. When …

Agile working: the ‘appreciative retrospective’

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Natalie Taylor is the transformation manager for the Registered Traveller Service team at the Home Office. Here she suggests some new ways of conducting retrospectives as the team makes their digital transformation journey: the ‘appreciative retrospective’ is about focusing on the …

Step through the digital gate: the latest from Registered Traveller

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The Registered Traveller Service is for people from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States of America who travel regularly to the UK. Once enrolled, members can pass through the border using the faster European Economic Area (EEA) …